Cherry & Parsons

Writing Services

I write humor, essays, history, features, profiles, university communications, marketing and development copy, and social media. I can adopt any voice and engage various target audiences. For me, the thrill of writing is to explore the topic, dig out an irresistible story, and find just the right words to make it not only understandable but also engrossing and indelible.

Editorial Services

Book Editing

I edit all fiction genres and memoir, but my catnip is romance novels and historical fiction. I help writers who have compelling stories and characters—but who want snappier, cleaner writing—sharpen and polish their prose while maintaining their distinctive voice and style.

Line Editing

Your manuscript is in great shape in terms of plot, character, and action. A line edit ensures the language is just as good. 

With a line edit, I’ll do a very close reading of the manuscript, on a sentence-by-sentence level, and address concerns like clarity, word choice, wordiness, sentence and paragraph flow, transitions, readability, continuity, and tense.


Your manuscript is in great shape in terms of story and language. A copyedit ensures it’s also error-free.

With a copyedit, I’ll polish your work, correcting grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and incorrect or repetitive word choices, guided by the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster Dictionary. I will also fact-check your manuscript, check internal consistency (time line, character traits, place-names, etc.) and create a style sheet.

Communications Editing

I edit reports, websites, email blasts, newsletters, and proposals to make certain your persuasive ideas and information aren’t overshadowed by errors and confusing language. 

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